Things I’ve DIYed: Art 2019 Part I

I’ve made a few different pieces of art recently that I thought I could share here. Some are more personal than others, but I quite like all of them for different reasons. I may update this post with other pieces I create this year.

Paint-by-numbers with a few personalized touches

Instagram self-portrait re-creation (I half didn’t want to figure out my eyes and half wanted to express major mood vibes)

First draft of a gift for an ex (inspired by Roman Opalka and ciphertext)

DC Pride flag made from cardboard

Portrait of my mom, niece, and sister

A quick paint of a lizard and my hat

A piece for my friend Evan

My interpretation of my chair and throw

A camera

A cow to convince my friend to go vegan

My first cityscape: Woman on a bridge in Venice

A portrait of my friends’ new dog

A pop art moment

My second cityscape: From a bar in Hvar

A self-portrait with my head map-projected in Eckert IV

A gift for my friend Marcelo

Our family cottage for my mom

A political piece that I don’t want to title