Things I’ve Worked On: Election 2016

I predict my life will be better under a Trump presidency, and this scares me beyond belief.

I don’t want to compare Trump to Hitler, because it’s far too inflammatory and unproductive, but I don’t think people bother to understand how the Nazis rose to power. Nazi Germany happened because the system was in fact very successful (or lucky) at counteracting the three greatest turmoils of 1930s Germany: a sluggish economy, a floundering government, and the fallout of WWI. Hitler and his party stitched a gaping tear in the fabric of German society, and people were too busy seeing improvements to their own lives to acknowledge the horrendous effects this system of governance was having on others.

To put it simply, the ends justified the means. Trump very well could make this country into a highly productive factory for the haves and once-had’s, but he will do so at the expense of the environment and the never-had’s. The trail of smog spewing from the smokestack of America, Inc. could be tomorrow’s trail of tears, and it’s important that we don’t forget this, even once we’re gainfully employed by this America.

Supposedly, a person’s true character comes to the fore in times of deep despair and defeat. I’m not sure I agree. We all grieve and overcome this grief in the same way and for the same reason–we have no other choice. Instead, I believe a person’s true character is most evident during moments of tremendous success. In such times, do you look back to see who or what was trampled in your journey to achievement? I’m glad so many of my friends and family members are on the right side of history today, but what’s more important is that we stay here even when tomorrow looks brighter for us and the next day looks brighter still.


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